Dating: Adults Embracing Failure is a hilarious and thoughtful take on what makes a relationship succeed or fail. Featuring Josh Lanzet (Cupid Players) and Lindy Voeltner (Period Piece), Dating showcases eight eclectic couples as they discover if they have the right chemistry to make a match that lasts.

With one unexpected couple emerging intact through it all, this punchy new comedy will leave you crying with laughter and looking for your own recipe for a successful relationship.

About Josh Lanzet, Performer & Co-Writer

Josh Lanzet is a Los Angeles-based comedic writer and actor whose credits include a two-year run with the acclaimed Chicago musical comedy Cupid Has a Heart On, an original one-man show (Do You Want A Sandwich? The Romantic Missteps of Josh Lanzet), and performances with Infinite Sundaes (Second City’s Musical House Ensemble). He has studied at The Second City Conservatory, iO, the Annoyance Theater, and The Brave New Workshop.and recently starred in Oh Henry, an independent television pilot, and played a supporting role in the pilot The C Word.

About Lindy Voeltner, Performer & Co-Writer

Lindy is a Los Angeles-based comedic writer and actress with recent credits including the lead in the critically acclaimed musical Period Piece, the musical Lady Balls, and performances with Next (Second City’s House ensemble) as well as Infinite Sundaes (Second City’s Musical House Ensemble). She has recently played a supporting role in Oh Henry, an independent television pilot, and has studied and performed at The Second City, IO, The Annoyance Theater and Stage 773.

 About Andy Eninger, Director

Andy Eninger is a Chicago-based writer, actor and director. He serves as the Head of the Writing Program for Second City’s Training Center in Chicago, where he also teaches. He has instructed thousands of corporate clients to communicate through workshops with Second City Communications. Deep in his 40’s and bravely wearing only a towel, he originated the role of Chester in “Steamwerkz! The Musical” at the Annoyance Theater. Andy is the After-Dark Award winning composer for “Bandgeeks: A Halftime Musical,” which he also directed. Other directing credits include “A Woman’s Path” for the Annoyance Theater and “Period Piece” at The Playground. Since 2001, he has been performing a solo improv piece called “Sybil” that has been seen around the world. This is his second time working with Lindy and umpteenth with Josh, and he couldn’t be happier. Much love to his muses, John Loos and Annie Lennox.