Center On The Aisle writes of the show:


“[enjoy a] snort and a howl as you see yourself and others in these modern day fairy tale flops.”

ZEALnyc reviews Adults Embracing Failure:

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“Josh and Lindy’s talents are evident: the set includes little more than chairs… yet they bring vastly different characters fully to life, and the audience is able to focus on what’s important: the characters and their words.”

Theater Is Easy reviews Adults Embracing Failure, saying:

“The skill of the actors and the cleverness of the jokes make this show superior to its peers.”

Discover Hollywood Magazine reviews Adults Embracing Failure:

¬†“These up-and-coming comedy legends deserve top billing.”

Stage Raw reviews Adults Embracing Failure:


“RECOMMENDED…considerable charm…self-effacing and sassy…[and] right on target.”

Broadway World Los Angeles writes:


“This show will convince everyone we are not alone in our many successes and failures, and encourage us to just keep trying – and laughing – at our own foibles along the way to happiness.”

Nina Metz of the Chicago Tribune names Dating one of her top 3 shows of 2014! Nina writes:


“[Lanzet and Voeltner] captured the absurd (but entirely relatable) idiosyncrasies of coupledom with wit and transgressive charm.”

Read the full review on the Chicago Tribune website.

The Chicago Tribune’s Nina Metz writes:


“Lanzet and Voeltner are both sharp physical comedians, but they’re also digging for honesty. And the show is fun.”

Jena Cutie of The Chicago Reader writes:

“Playing a half-dozen quirky couples, these two sharp comics combine sweetness and snarkiness, vulnerability and warmth in a way that transcends rom-com cliches to get at truth.”

Broadway World’s Paul Thompson writes:


“The emphasis is on the laughs, the clever writing, the occasional tear, and the comic timing of this up-and-coming comic pair.”

“From meet-cutes to move-ins, career pressures to personal quirks, there’s a lot here that’s solid and admirable. And hilarious! The opening night capacity crowd treated the duo like comedy rock stars, after an opening salvo of boundary-pushing one-liners.”

Mike Ewing of Gaper’s Block writes:


“With quick-fire humor and surprising depth, Dating: Adults Embracing Failure shows that even heartbreak can be hilarious.”

Cameron Scheetz from Life’s a Funny Scene writes:


“[Lanzet and Voeltner] give warm, lived-in performances that lend the show a sweet sincerity.”